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Borderlands 2 Review for Xbox 360

The premise of most first person shooter games is simple – shoot the bad guys, complete the missions and you are done. They are games that can get very boring, very quickly. Although Borderlands 2 does have elements of first person shooters, it is a game that stands out from the crowd.

Set five years after the first Borderlands, the second game in the series kicks off with a cut scene that involves the games protagonists traveling on a train to an unknown location to start their search for the Vault. However, it turns out that they have been set up by Handsome Jack; the same character as the previous game’s antagonist.  And he still wants anyone who is trying to find the Vault, dead.

Known as the Vault Hunters, the four main characters in Borderlands 2 are instructed to head to the city of Sanctuary to meet and team up with a gang of ex-soldiers known as The Crimson Raiders, and defeat Handsome Jack.

I find that sequels are very rarely better than the original due to a non-existent story or the premise has become stale and dull. However, I for one feel that Borderlands 2 is a vastly superior game than the first Borderlands. The reason for this is that first person shooters are not my normal choice of game but the storyline of Borderlands 2 kept me hooked from the moment I started to the very end, with some very funny moments along the way.

In most video games, once you have beaten the main story line there are usually a few little bits to do afterwards, these normally include trying out the new weapons you have unlocked and an extra mission or two, and that is usually about it. Borderlands 2 lets you complete the side missions that you may have missed during your first play through, as well as an extra game mode called ‘True Vault Hunter Mode’ which lets you replay the game at a much harder level but with the same skills, levels and weapons that you had at the end of your first play through.  Much more challenging.

Character customisation is an important part in the Borderlands 2 experience. Not only was I able to change the skins and heads of my characters, there was also an option that allowed me choose the skill of my character so that it suited my play style. Furthermore, the game ensures that the enemies’ levels are scaled to be close to yours, which makes the game more of a challenge. So if your character is at level 5, the level of the enemies’ will be at level 6.

Borderlands 2 is a unique game in terms of game play and the aesthetics of the game. The layout and design of most first person shooters is quite dark and mysterious, whereas Borderlands 2 is a very bright and colourful game which for me, made the game much more enjoyable.

I feel that the developers have created a very entertaining game and one that I would highly recommend to any gamer.

About the Author:

My name is Callum Smith – I currently work behind the counter at a Cash Generator store in Luton.  This allowed me first to purchase a pre owned Xbox 360 and then I am able to buy cheap 360 games before I go home after finishing my shirts.  One day I hope to become a full-time game reviewer.

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