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INTERVIEW: Indie Start-up TCGames on Velisia, and Their Journey So Far…

So, how do you go from programming games in university to starting up a fully-fledged indie game company, bordering on your first release? TCGames are a young group of designers and programmers caught up in the middle of their own indie story, and are on the brink of releasing their first game Velisia: A Traitor’s Legacy. Stephen Rhodes took the …

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The Life and Times of a Games Publicist

We’ve dealt with the lovely Roxana Etemad, UK PR Manager at Square Enix Europe, quite a few times as the years have rolled by. So, as far as we’re concerned, there were no better brains to pick when we wanted to find out what the daily life of a gaming publicist was all about. Ever wanted to know what goes …

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Hands On: A Hardcore Gamer’s View of the 3DS

You can’t stop that Nintendo lot. They’re spreading all over the UK at the moment faster than a porn star’s legs to promote the 3DS, and are giving the public hands-on access to try and convince them to part with their hard-earned cash. One of Nintendo’s most recent showings was the Nintendo 3DS Pre-launch Event at the Arnolfini, Bristol. We …

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The BBFC Talks Modern Warfare 2, Censorship and How They Keep Gaming Standards High

James Blatch of the BBFC talks exclusively to NAGF

The timing couldn’t have been more coincidental. Just as we get our interview back from the wonderful James Blatch of ratings body, the BBFC, news started to spread of a terrorist bombing at a Russian airport. It was only a matter of time before alarmist arms of the British media created a link between Modern Warfare 2 and the tragedy. …

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‘If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it’ – Crystal Dynamics Talk Tomb Raider Trilogy With NAGF

Tomb Raider Trilogy touches down exclusively for the PS3 in March. But we had a few questions we wanted to ask the guys over at Crystal Dynamics. Karl Stewart, global brand director for Crystal Dynamics was kind enough to set us straight...

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Crashing the Castle – An Exclusive Chat With The Behemoth

John interviewed The Behemoth's Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin for Imagine's X360 magazine back in 2009. Here's the whole four page spread, featuring the most promising creative developers on the planet today.

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Dante’s Peak?

Dante's Inferno Pack Shot

EA had high hopes for Dante’s Inferno when it was released in February, but divine judgement has seen it slip to the seventh circle of the bargain bin. We ask an Alighieri expert what went wrong...

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