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Angry Birds Cupcakes

These Angry Birds Cupcakes Look a Real Tweet!

bobbiealice's Angry Birds cupcakes look a real tweet

Sorry for the dreadful pun, we couldn’t resist! On one of our jaunts to the Twitterverse earlier today, we came across user @bobbiealice, who posted this picture of some fantastic looking Angry Birds cupcakes. And how about some dastardly pigs with some buttercream icing? Enough of our babble. Just enjoy the view…

UPDATE: The lady herself has finished what she calls the main cake! We wouldn’t want to get in the way of that in a dark alley. Or nick its eggs (wait, a bird made of eggs? We’re confused…). See below:

The main cake, watching over its cupkids in earnest

A pig gets ready for the Angry Bird onslaught...

The attention to detail is nothing short of immense

A construction hat made out of fondant icing? Is that safe?

Poor lil soldier...

A sneaky looking, cheeky little bugger...

All one pig happy family

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