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The Top 5 Modern Speed Runs That Make us Feel Terribly Stupid

The Top 5 Modern Speed Runs That Make us Feel Terribly Stupid

In our spare time we usually head on over to Speed Demos Archive and watch some speed runs, such is the state of our hollow, bland lives at the moment…

Speed Demos Archive is a fantastic place to go to when you want to watch some real gamers play

Nah, that’s unfair. On a personal level I’ve been visiting the site for years, and discovered some absolutely fascinating examples of gaming mastery that have made me rub my eyes and question my commitment to gaming. The effort that some of these gamers have put in to achieve records – especially with more modern titles – is nothing short of perfection personified and should be lauded.

What irritates me most is that, on some of the below, I’ve spent hours stuck on the same part while these guys do it in only a few minutes. None of that 16-bit save state shite here – here are our top five modern speed runs that make us feel like useless twats:

1. Shadow of the Colossus – Colossus 15

I had trouble with quite a few of the colossi when I was younger, and could have picked most of the segments from this amazing speed run by Ari ‘Rapu’ Tiatto. But I’ve plumbed for Colossus 15 because, from what I can remember, there’s no way I killed it in less than five minutes. I vaguely recall having to climb up the side of the wall and fannying around for an hour simply to manoeuvre my way onto the colossus. Rapu makes short work of him, much to the astonishment of my brain which can’t quite comprehend such skill…

2. Fallout 3

I’ll level with you – I hate Fallout 3. I’ve got it, completed it, and find it terribly hard to get into. I think it’s buggy, and for every goon who sits there with a cigar in their mouth preaching about how wonderful it is, I can usually find five or six things about it to counteract their preposterous claims of grandeur. Errr, anyway, I’m going off on one a bit here… but when it comes to this half hour speed run by Isaac ‘error1’ Wehmanen, I don’t mind so much. It’s a painless version of the game, from point A to point B, that I don’t mind sitting down to watch. It’s better than playing the bugger, as far as I’m concerned…

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