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The Five Best and Worst Video Game Tattoos of all Time

We were talking to a girl we used to know a while back at the weekend, and she showed us a new tattoo. Being massive nerds, my friend and I turned to each other and related it to gaming somehow. I then went home and had something of a very large wank because I had talked to a girl for a bit.

Well, that last point isn’t true (I went straight to the toilet in the pub and did it there), but the first two points are accurate. Someone in school years ago wanted a Mario tattoo, I recalled, and my friend and I discussed how terrible a video game tattoo would be.

So thank God for Google images, which has done all the work for us! With a simple, lazy search query into the world’s largest search engine, we’re able to find some tattoos which are truly astonishing, for both the right and the wrong reasons. Take a look at some of the below and let us know what you think:

The five best:


The Mario Sleeve


Mario sleeve tattoo


Pixel Mega Man


Mega Man tattoo


Stainless Steel Wind Waker


Wind Waker Tattoo


Konami Code Chick


Konami code tattoo


Sexy Triforce Tramp Stamp


Triforce tattoo


The five worst:


Mario Foot


Mario Foot Tattoo


Mortal Kombat Back


Mortal Kombat tattoo


Excite Bike Back


Excite Bike Tattoo


Street Fighter Bonce


Street Fighter Head Tattoo


Pokemon Stomach


Pokemon tattoo

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