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Reasons why PC Gaming isn’t dead in 2011 – Part 1.

So here we are in 2011 – another sparkly New Year and PC gaming is still chugging along in the wake of those shiny consoles with their spanking new motion controllers and glistening awards. But in this article and my others beyond it, I’m going to be highlighting reasons why PC gaming’s time is far from over, and how this …

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Why 2011 is the Year for Thinking Man’s Games

Action games have had their time. First person shooters are starting to stagnate. Gamers’ minds are craving more to tease and tantalise their intellects – luckily for them though, 2011 has them covered. We’re declaring 2011 to be the year of games for the thinking gamer. Why? Come take a look, see...

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2010, and the Sexual Liberation of Female Game Characters

Whilst 2010 will be remembered as a wonderful year for gaming, we at NAGF will highlight it for another reason. To us, 2010 was the year when the female of the species entered a new state of gaming sexual liberation, with all sorts of saucy scenes gracing our screens. Phewf!

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NAGF’s Top Ten Gaming Characters Over the Last Ten Years

What a decade it’s been! As gamers we've been well and truly spoiled for choice across all genres. There's been so many games released, so many franchises created that it didn’t feel right or fair to do a top ten poll and choose any one winning game character or a favourite. They’re all winners, and any of the below could easily have romped to top spot.

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The Best Games of 2010, and the Dullest Google News Stories

There’s all sorts of top 10s and 20s all over the internet at the moment, all of which crowning the same this and lauding the same old that. So we’ve decided to be a little bit different here at NAGF, and the chances are that you probably won’t like it!

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Our Five Favourite Fallout: New Vegas Glitches

There's been more than enough time now since Fallout: New Vegas's release for a mass of glitchy videos to appear all over the internet. Here are our favourite five, in brand-spanking new glitch-o-vision!

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Why You Need to be Good at Fighting, Not Writing, if you Want to be a Games Journo

Gran Turismo 5 Embargo

John explains the perils of games journalism in its current state, and how diplomacy, tact and public relations are overshadowing opinion, judgement and investigative practices.

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Why a ‘Come Dine With Me’ Game Would Never Work…

A game based off the smash Channel 4 television show, Come Dine With Me? Absurd. Why would you even suggest such a thing?

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The New Gaming Disease – Oneweaponitis

That John guy from NAGF has a fatal flaw - he's scared of using the biggest and best gaming weaponry around. Is there a cure? Or is he just a massive tit? We investigate...

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NAGF’s Top 5 Gaming Wives Who Are Punching Above Their Weight…

We were playing Alan Wake over the weekend, and couldn't help but notice just how plain and ordinary-looking Alice Wake was. Plus she’s petrified of the dark, leading us to believe that Alan put a ring on the first thing he saw – or, in the immortal words of Mrs. Merton: “So, Alice, what first attracted you to the millionaire Alan Wake?”

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Why So Serious? A Follow-up to Panorama’s ‘Addicted to Games?’

BBC Panorama Logo

Panorama can't keep themselves out of the headlines lately, but that's their job, we suppose. Tonight the BBC investigative journalism programme had a pop at gaming. We sat and watched it, and though they raised some interesting points, it was, in true Panorama style, constantly on the attack.

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OPINION: Why I’m a Knight Who’ll Say ‘No Thank You…’

Why the very idea of a social game based around Monty Python fills John Meadowcroft with unrelenting horror...

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