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Our Five Favourite Fallout: New Vegas Glitches

OK, so the first few weeks after launch were hardly ideal for Fallout: New Vegas. Complaints, moans and demands for a patch were almost instantaneous – and with good reason!

But we think that’s part of the charm of a game the size of New Vegas. A project that size is never going to be perfect, and unless the bug is something so severely game-breaking then more often than not they tend to be downright hilarious.

There’s been sufficient time now since the game’s launch for YouTube to be crammed full of user videos. So after spending another weekend hungover, we dug up the following five glitches that tickled our funny bones the most:

The Horrific Death of Joe Cobb

Convict leader Joe Cobb has probably had it coming to him for a long time (depending on your karma), but by anyone’s standards this death is pretty brutal. Uploader Torley decided to smack Joe in the face with his boxing gloves. Instead of hitting the deck like any normal victim of actual bodily harm, Cobb instead turns into a flurry of jerking limbs, spazzing across the daylight sky like a complete and utter moron.

To Infinity, and Beyond!

TeamLAG have found a way to leave the confines of the New Vegas universe itself, jump into the ocean beyond and swim away to freedom. If you count wallowing in infinite toxic sludge as freedom.

The Terror Within Boulder City

Now this one’s just bloody horrible! Apparently spotted by a gentleman called ‘Luff’ – er, or maybe a lady? – the below gives you instructions on how to activate the most dreadful of glitches in Boulder City on the PC version, giving yourself nightmares for all eternity and beyond.

Clone Benny’s Crucifixion

What the…

The Amazing, Indestructible Siamese Triplet

Our favourite by a country mile. As L1games says in the video description: ‘Just cause glitches are fun.’

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