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The Black Eyed Peas Experience is on both Wii and Kinect

How The Black Eyed Peas Sum Up Kinect’s Failings

How The Black Eyed Peas Sum Up Kinect's Failings

Everyone has their opinion on motion controls and gaming. Me? I don’t mind it, really – but then again I don’t really play any games where motion sensing is a pivotal requirement. I play Wii Sports with my nephew for five minutes now and then, and I’m incredibly excited about Skyward Sword.

But I do feel that for every Skyward Sword, there are five smelly, heaving motion turds battling for consumers’ interest. So what am I adding to the debate then, what’s my point? As I say, everyone has their opinion and expressed it long before I have…

I’m writing this because I was sorely tempted to buy Kinect at the weekend. I opted against it though, citing nothing on the shelves I wanted to play and the terrible Microsoft showing at E3 this year. The latter swayed me more than the former. There doesn’t seem to be any real appetite to take the platform forward in a gaming sense, with developers unsure of how to utilise the medium to seriously whet gamers’ appetites.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience is on both Wii and Kinect

My evidence? An advert’s just been on TV for The Black Eyed Peas Experience. The spot for Ubisoft’s repackaging of Dance Central, with added phunk, ended with the announcement “for Xbox Kinect and Wii”. And with those words my decision to steer clear of shelling out over a hundred beans for Kinect was entirely vindicated.

The ship is sailing without course. Kinect entered waters seemingly chartered by Wii and has found itself completely rudderless, without a strong captain at the helm to stop it smashing into the rocks. Kinect’s line up lacks anything to differentiate it from a tired, stale, third-party Wii game, with titles such as the forthcoming Star Wars game failing to spark the imagination in any way shape or form.

The technology is undoubtedly impressive, and obviously has the clout to blow Wii out of the water. But until a string of games are released to differentiate it from Nintendo’s doorstop of a system, then I won’t be investing, thank you very much.


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