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Top 5 Best PSN Games


Another reason why video games are a quintessential form of art, The Unfinished Swan is a highlight of the Playstation Network and brings a highly-original, highly-entertaining concept to an industry that has become reliant on popular, but static genres like first person shooters and action titles. The game begins in a completely white space, with the player assuming the role of a young boy named Monroe. Our adolescent protagonist must chase down a swan that has escaped a painting, and in order to do so, must “paint’ the world, allowing him to create the path that will lead him to the fugitive swan.



PlayStation Network is not only for independent games, with the platform also offering upgraded version of classic titles. Likely the greatest example of an artistic approach to game making, Shadow of the Colossus was a PS2 system seller and a universally acclaimed game. PSN allows you to download the HD version of this classic, so you can experience one of the greatest games of all time in its high-def glory.


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