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Best PC Games 2012

PC gaming has been going through a renaissance of sorts over the past few years, clawing back the market share it lost to consoles in the last decade by offering a level of technology that is simply unattainable on the Xbox or Playstation. Granted, you need a nice computer to see these differences, but for those who have decent rigs, there really is no comparison.

2012 was an epic year for the PC, tilting the balance of power more and more in favor of the desktop method of gaming. Each of the following titles allowed the PC to thrive, and proved that if you want the best experience possible, grab a nice graphics card, bump up your RAM, and watch the fireworks.

First up is Borderlands 2, the hilarious and highly-polished FPS-RPG from Gearbox Software. Taking the role of a Vault Hunter, you must travel across a post-apocalyptic world in order to take down the megalomaniacal corporate overlord, Handsome Jack. This is not an easy road, with an army of widely varying beasts and crazy psychopaths in your way. Fortunately, you have an unlimited arsenal of unique weapons to mow down the hoards, along with special abilities gained from a tech-tree when you level your character up. With beautiful cel-shaded visuals and an unprecedented level of personality, this is one of the most enjoyable and humorous experiences you can have in gaming.



A surprise smash hit originating from serious pedigree, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, brought tactical, isometric strategy back to the mainstream by giving players a deep and satisfying gameplay experience that took notes from the original, while introducing revolutionary new options and methods of play. With a fully operational command center at your disposal, you decide earth

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