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Top 5 Best DS Games


Since we are talking about Nintendo here, the mainstays of its roster are certainly an important part of the success of the DS. Mario Kart DS is one such title, and helps define the height of the DS popularity. Using all of the innovative features of the handheld, Mario Kart is a resourceful game that introduces a lot of gameplay advancements to the racing genre while providing gamers with the fun and sense of speed that the series is well known for.




On the heels of the multiplayer driving sensation, the other behemoth on the DS roster is the silent hero, Link. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass brings the iconic series to the small screen yet again, but this time with some great co-op features that allow you and friends to journey throughout Hyrule together. Entertaining use of the stylus and second screen brought an even more engrossing experience that requires cooperation and teamwork to get past the fantastic puzzles, dungeons, and temples that impede your progress.



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