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5 Awesome Car Game Android Apps

We’ve fished out the top car related android games so you don’t have to!

With so many car racing apps on the Android marketplace, it’s often hard to pick and choose which one is worth downloading. Since there are a lot of duds out there, why waste time downloading these? To make things easier, here are the top five car racing apps that most won’t regret downloading:

1. Drag Racing

The drag racing app created by Creative Mobile is a very simple concept, yet very addicting car racing game. Racing against another car on a straight raceway, the user will control three parts of the car. These parts include the accelerator, gears and the N20, which activates the turbo. Available with three different difficulty levels, the user will have the option to play against the computer or another user. This particular game has a lot of replay value with features such as car upgrades, where money has to be earned in order to upgrade a car, and even leader boards, where a user will try to become the best in the world.

2. GT Racing Motor Academy

Created by Gameloft, this highly rated car racing game puts the user directly behind a car’s steering wheel. Inspired by the Gran Turismo series, the user will have to pass tests in the beginning in order to enter the racing circuits. Once the tests have been passed, it’s time to hit the road where races can be held.

Over time, the user will have to earn money in order to upgrade their cars and features throughout the game. With stunning graphics, most don’t even realize the Android is capable of producing something such as this.

3. Road Warrior

Road Warrior a no holds barred racing game. With no rules, users will be able to race the way they want to. The objective of the game is to finish the race with the highest score possible, no matter how it’s done. As the game progresses, the user will be able to purchase weapons, performance boosters and more.

As these items are purchased, it will give the user an advantage over their opponents that they are racing against. Once enough respect is earned throughout the game, bosses can be faced, earning the users unique cars. With easy to use controls, this is highly recommended for someone that wants a unique racing experience.

4. Extreme Road Trip

Extreme Road Trip is an action packed game that keeps the user on their toes. With the gas pedal being stuck during the game, the whole objective of the game is to get as far as possible without crashing. With easy to use controls, the user will have to tilt the phone left and right to avoid objects such as hills and mountains.

As the game goes on, the courses get challenging. If records are beat, users will be able to unlock things such as cars, upgrade packs and more. Considered a highly additive car game, Extreme Road Trip has a lot of replay value.

5. Tilt Racing

Created by TerranDroid, Tilt Racing is a racing game that has a variety of options. Being able to choose between two modes like Free Play and Career Play, the objective of the game is to finish the race in first place, beating out your older scores. With simple to use controls, the user will be able to use the phone as their steering wheel as it’s tilted back and forth, with an accelerator on the screen that controls the speed.

Tilt Racing not only has superb graphics, it also has more than ten unique tracks to choose from. For those looking for entertainment value, this is an app to highly consider.

These are just a few of the hundreds of car game apps that can be downloaded on the Android marketplace. For those that are looking for fun, entertaining games that relate to cars, highly consider one of the five mentioned above.

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