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2010, and the Sexual Liberation of Female Game Characters

Whilst 2010 will be remembered as a wonderful year for gaming, we at NAGF will highlight it for another reason. To us, 2010 was the year when the female of the species entered a new state of gaming sexual liberation, with all sorts of saucy scenes gracing our screens. Phewf!

We’re big fans of women’s rights and liberation and all, but last year seemed to be the time when developers gave characters of the lady persuasion power to use their sexuality in a context we haven’t quite seen before in the general gaming sense. Er… we’re not really complaining at all – we’re also sure the developers didn’t have to take too long in deciding to shoehorn sexual content into their games. After all, sex sells, right?

So which lady used her sexuality the most and to what effect to reach their goals in 2010? Well, let’s take a look:

Errr, oh yeah. SPOILERS BELOW and shit.


Juri Super Street Fighter 4

“She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight…She has altered her own body in her insatiable quest for power. She respects no law. No morality. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and quench her limitless thirst.”

Well, so says Seth anyway. There’s also another side to the darkness that is Juri. A playful side, especially when she comes up against Chun-Li and Cammy – she accuses Chun-Li of ‘having a schoolgirl crush on her in a very seductive manner and flirts outrageously with anyone else she comes up against.

Juri completes a number of firsts during her appearance in Super Street Fighter IV. She’s the series’ first Taekwondo user, the first Korean, and possibly the first lesbian. We can’t really tell – maybe it’s just down to her evil motivations that she’ll break any boundary she has there is to succeed. Juri combines her power and fighting ability with intense sexuality – we have no doubt that, even though she hates Bison’s guts, she’d still do the business to get to the top of S.I.N.

(Below video courtesy of Nixel85)


Aphrodite God of War 3

A tough one this because, as Kratos, you have a choice whether to fall for Aphrodite’s seduction or not on your first meeting. God of War III leaves little to the imagination when you first walk into Aphrodite’s chamber. There she is, sprawled on the bed with two lady lovers. We’re not too sure what happens next because our glasses steam up.

Insatiable, Aphrodite bends Kratos’s ear about her lame old husband, and demands that Kratos ‘take her now’ to fulfil her desires for a real man. Which Kratos duly does if you press ‘X’ and complete the following mini-game, while her two friends watch. Kratos can go back whenever he wishes for more, but in our eyes, it’s more the power of Aphrodite that holds firm here. She’s the only one with the power to pull Kratos off his bloodthirsty quest for vengeance, no matter how brief. She well and truly has the God of War by the nuts. You go girl!

(Below video is utter filth, and entirely NSFW)

God of War 3 – Sex Mini Game
Uploaded by prelude326. – Discover more gaming videos.

The Bailey Twins

Bailey Twins Dead Rising 2

Video after video on YouTube describes Dead Rising 2‘s Amber and Chrystal Bailey as psychopathic lesbians. Which is odd because we’re sure they’re sisters. Whatever they are, they’re certainly of the affectionate… er… psychopathic type. Their sexuality also seems to stem from the masochistic school of being a slutty bitch – they’re plain horrible to Chuck in every single encounter and use everything in their vocabularies to demean the poor fellow.

Bumping into Chuck after leaving an elevator, Chrystal comments that she was disappointed with Chuck’s performance on ‘Terror is Reality’, but he ‘must hear that a lot’ (cow). Later on, during the boss battle, other snide remarks pop up such as ‘looks like you can’t keep it up’ and some crude insinuations in the initial pre-fight cutscene that he has a small willy and can’t satisfy anyone with his small willy. Ouch.

Whatever their reasons/upbringing, the Bailey Twins know exactly how to use their sensuality to get what they want. Though they eventually end up dead. And you can batter them to death with a dildo. Go figure…

Kim Pines

Did you know that having a same-sex relationship can restore your health? Well, it does if you’re Kim Pines and live in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World world.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the below video where Kim and Knives Chau share a health-restoring smooch:

Not convinced? Then how about:

Kim Pine and Knives


Commander Shepard

If you decide to have a female Shepard then your sexual power is boundless across the galaxy, and you get the chance to flirt with anyone in a totally awesome bisexual manner. Bored with having to choose between the train crash that is Thane, or the face-like-a-bag-full-of-chisels that is Garrus? Then send some saucy emails to Kelly Chambers or get (nearly) personal with Samara. Or some strippers.

(Above video by Barthezzcz)

Commander Shepard is the epitome of galaxy-wide female interspecies sexuality, and she uses it to great effect in Mass Effect 2 – if you play your cards right. Commander Shepard’s experiences are a lot more spiritual and personal than Aphrodite’s for instance, which indicates that Mass Effect 3 is going to be an emotionally-charged rollercoaster that will – ah hell, my glasses have steamed up again…

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