Best Xbox 360 Games

The first Xbox was Microsoft’s debut foray into the console space, but the Xbox 360 established them as the top dog. Focused less on exclusives and first party titles, MS was looking to publish the highest possible quality of games they could, and considering the sales and reception of the standouts, the strategy was a huge success.

No Xbox “best of” conversation could be deemed legitimate without mentioning Microsoft’s elephant in the room, Halo. Created by Bungie as the original Xbox’s system seller, Halo had become an iconic franchise, rivaling even Mario as the most recognizable and popular videogame IP in the world. The 360 brought gamers the conclusion of the original trilogy in the form of the critically acclaimed Halo 3, and kicked off the next generation of Master Chief-themed games with the 343 Industries-developed Halo 4. With Bungie out of the picture, it is 343 that must continue the grand tradition, and has started off very strong with an initial offering that includes the feel of a Halo game, coupled with new features, weapons and enemies that can only come from a new and energetic take on the classic series.



The second largest Xbox exclusive, Gears of War was the other AAA game that has helped define the console and convince on-the-fence gamers that they should pick up an Xbox. Cliff Bleszinski and crew at Epic Games succeeded in every category in this high-octane, post-apocalyptic thrill-ride.. Gears of War 2 can be looked at as the perfect sequel. Bigger, prettier and nastier than the original in almost every way, the polish of this AAA-title is readily apparent right when you pick up the sticks to play as Dom, the badass commander of of Delta Squad.



Many top game’s lists will inevitably include a Rockstar title. The creators of GTA, Rockstar might just be the best dev house in the world. Red Dead Redemption is, by far (not even close actually) the best Western-themed game of all time. This Xbox 360 open world frontier title was a breath of fresh air that took the gaming community by storm. Taking the reins of popular protagonist, John Marston, you can go anywhere and do anything in the Wild West. Following the competent Red Dead Revolver, the sequel went all out to create an experience that built upon the foundation of the first, while ripping down every static, uninspired mechanic, in order to develop a game that would accept nothing less than greatness. Mission accomplished.

John Marston


One of the few original IP’s that truly made an unexpectedly big impression on gamers was Crackdown. Successfully crafting a GTA rival that allowed players to go anywhere and do anything as a genetically modified law enforcement agent tasked with taking down drug kingpins and cartel bosses in the fictional Pacific City, Crackdown was gaming escapism at its best. Developed by Real-Time Worlds, this sandbox game is a funny, high-octane, over-the-top experience that never takes itself too seriously…something that other titles should certainly take note.



The final entry in the best Xbox 360 games list is BioShock, the brainchild of industry scion Ken Levine and the rest of the crew at Irrational Games. A spiritual successor to System Shock, BioShock ups the ante in every way and provides what may be the greatest gaming environment of all time: Rapture. The underwater dystopia drips with personality and atmosphere. You enter not knowing what to expect, with no knowledge of Rapture ever existing, and must figure out the mystery of this vast city and what role you play in its future. With one of the greatest antagonists in any game (Rapture creator, Andrew Ryan) and roving boss battles with the now iconic Big Daddy’s, BioShock is as immersive a game as you can find, and should not be missed by anyone who considers themselves a gaming enthusiast. Scratch that, it should not be missed by anyone who considers themselves an entertainment enthusiast…it is really that good.


Atlas Bioshock

Best PS3 games

This article is a farewell to the PS3. To celebrate the end of this generation and look back at what the Playstation 3 had to offer in it’s time as Sony’s primary console.

If the Xbox 360 were described as a pop concert, then the Playstation 3 would certainly be a symphony performance. Much more technologically complex, with an emphasis on art rather than spectacle, the PS3 is the thinking gamer’s console. Difficult development and complicated hardware made the PS3 tough to work with, but once game designers figured out how to unlock the system’s true potential, Sony’s console showed that it was the true beast of this generation.

The PS3 sold less units than both the 360 and the Wii, but it can be confidently stated that the PlayStation 3 was home to the top exclusives during this console generation. The sheer innovation, dedication and creativity brought forth in their top exclusives is very impressive and shows that Sony is focused more on the gamer than the bottom line.

Early in the latest console cycle, Sony was reeling after introducing the PS3 at too high a price point, so they needed some big system sellers to make up for the expensive price tag. Fortunately, Naughty Dog, one of the best developers in the world, was there to save the day with their mega-popular Uncharted series. Starting with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, greatly upping the ante with the stellar Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and finishing strong with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the Santa Monica-based developer hit it out of the park.



The other big seller early in the cycle was Sony’s other “ace up its sleeve” God of War 3. Already a massive series that helped solidify the PS2 as quite possibly the greatest console of all time, the God of War franchise was a necessity for the PS3 and did not disappoint. The David Jaffe created mythology epic brought ultra-violence and the power fantasy to the PS3, allowing gamers to take the role of the biggest badass in the universe, Kratos, the god of War.


The 10 Most Violent Video Games Ever to Hit the Market: God of War 3

The final established franchise to help make the PS3 what it is today is Metal Gear Solid. Already one of the most well known video game IP’s ever, Hideo Kojima ratcheted it up to 11 with the fourth entry: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. With updated visuals, polished action, and an epic backstory, MGS4 showed a mature and war-torn Solid Snake (aptly codenamed Old Snake) several years after the events of MGS2: Sons of Liberty, while also moving the perspective from the classic overhead third-person to a streamlined over the shoulder view, increasing the visceral nature of the stealth series.



While these franchises brought Sony great success and help define PS3 as a console, it is the risks that Sony took which should be applauded. Xbox always played it safe, but Sony was more than willing to take a chance on something that no one had ever seen before.  This is where Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet enter the equation.

Heavy Rain is a dark and mysterious title that follows a very well-developed narrative, placing the player in the shoes of a private detective who must solve a mysterious murder before it is too late. Using innovative gameplay mechanics and hyper-realistic visuals, Heavy Rain was (and still is) the closest we have gotten to a fully interactive and immersive experience.



Going the opposite direction, and introducing a whimsical ability to simply create, Little Big Planet brought countless hours of fun to gamers in the form of cute little characters made from burlap sacks. A puzzle-platformer, Little Big Planet not only has a fully-realized game you can play through, the true selling point is the ability to create new content using the in-game tools. The results have been nothing less than extraordinary, with LBP fans around the world developing original game scenarios and sharing them online, so their friends and the rest of the gaming community can play the end result.



But no best of PS3 list will ever be complete without the inclusion of the Naughty Dog magnum opus, The Last of Us. The last great PS3 game of the generation, The Last of Us is the story of Joel and Ellie, two survivors of a worldwide apocalypse who are trekking across the United States to reach a resistance group called the Fireflies. Simply put, The Last of Us is a game of the highest order, bringing unprecedented visuals, innovative gameplay and one of the most arresting and emotional storylines ever created. Suspense and anxiety follow close behind as you make your way to your final destination, forced to avoid diseased humans and corrupt gangs that will not think twice about killing you. The Last of Us will not only be known as one of, if not the best, PS3 games, it will surely be looked at as one of the best game ever made.


Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2Plot:
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