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The UK Celebrates Five Years of Xbox Magic

Xbox 360 S

It was five years today that the Xbox 360 launched in the UK, and Microsoft has taken the opportunity to laud the console’s achievements during that time (and with Christmas fast approaching, of course…)

Director of Xbox and entertainment in the UK & Ireland, Stephen McGill, says: “Families are looking for more value than ever this Christmas and looking to stretch their money.

“An Xbox 360 console and Kinect can bring everyone together this season and entertain every single member of the family, from kids to grandparents.

“And with Kinect for Xbox 360, all you need is your voice, hands and body to jump into the controller-free fun.”

Microsoft certainly has a lot to be congratulated for. The achievement system can rightly be pointed to as adding an extra incentive to gaming and its introduction of HD gaming in 2005 made us all go out and stump up an extra wad for an obscene television.

So, in the spirit of things, NAGF wants to know what your favourite 360 moments have been and why. On a personal note mine was when Modern Warfare was released, eating up thousands of precious man hours that could have been spent staring at the wall. Or wanking.