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Kratos K(c)onfirmed for Mortal Kombat


US Official PlayStation Magazine has a sneaky exclusive up its sleeve. The Mortal Kombat remake will feature God of War’s Kratos as a playable character, with his own fatalities, special moves and what-not.

No story mode for Kratos as it would indeed probably be pretty bollocks. Not the Kratos story itself, you understand – we love the God of War trilogy. But squeezing him in a cutscene with someone like Jax? How naff could you get…

Anyway, true to form, and in typical 4-year-old boy fashion, Kratos’ designer David Jaffe tweeted: ‘[He] would have a FUCKALITY and fuck the SHIT out of Sonya AND Katana at the same motherfucking TIME!!!!’

Intent on making parents everywhere vomit in disgust, he then wrote: ‘Kratos should reach out and pull the fucking MK classic Narrator into the game and gut the fucker! Oh, or rip the head off ‘toasty!’ guy!’

No news on any exclusive 360 content though at the moment. Who on earth would they pick? Our bet is on Alan Wake, or a car from Burnout Paradise or something…