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PlayStation Mobile Video Ain’t No Phoney

PlayStation Phone

Engadget posted a video on Saturday – which looks pretty official – of the much-rumoured PlayStation phone in all its glory.

We should know a lot more by Wednesday. Reports suggest an official unveiling on 09 December with a possible release in February 2011.

Engadget say that the Ericsson model is codenamed ‘Zeus Z1’, with the video showing it as a smartphone running on the Android platform.

No analogue sticks – in their place appears to be touch-sensitive pads alongside a standard D-pad and four face buttons. Also shown on the phone is an LED flash and what looks like a microphone and standard earphone jacks.

USB functionality is also a given, although all of these features are at the expense of style. Look at it, it’s massive. We don’t want to shatter its already-fragile confidence, but it wouldn’t look out of place with its knickers around its ankles behind an alley in Newcastle’s Bigg Market.

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