UFC Undisputed 3 Roster Trailer

THQ release their latest UFC Undisputed 3 Roster Trailer

Boasting their biggest roster ever, allowing you to beat the shit out of any fighter you wish.

This game also includes the recently bought out Pride Fighting Championship. Pride fights will be accompanied by Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros.

In some sort of social media strategy you must like UFC Undisputed 3 to gain access to the DLC to unlock the powerhouse that is Alistair Overeem.

The fan page can be found below




Minecraft now has 20 million registered users.

Wow what an epic milestone for notch and the guys at Mojang.

This stat was confirmed via notch’s twitter. It says

“Minecraft now has 20 million registered users. At 70 kg each, that’s 25% of the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza.”


This small indie game has gone from strength to strength continually showing us all that unique ideas are what makes indie gamers so successful among-st the Goliath franchises.


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Game.co.uk Hacked

Accoding to sofpedia the popular UK gaming site Game.co.uk has been hacked and had it’s database or usernames, emails and passwords compromised.

According to security experts the hackers where able to compromise the system in such a way that the passwords where obtained in pure text with no encryption.

We advise if you have an account with game that you change your passwords and monitor your bank accounts for strange activity. At the time of posting it is unclear at the severity of this hack.


Gears of War 3 Emerging Dominant!

Gears of War 3 Emerging Dominant!

Gears of War 3 Emerging Dominant!

Gears of War 3 has sold over three million copies Microsoft announced early last week. These  incredible sales figures, as they stand, have pushed Gears 3 to be the best selling title of this year!

“In just one week, Gears 3 has already grossed more than any 2011 video game to date,” Xbox Live director Larry Hryb blogged. Microsoft also stated that the Gears series has now seen total earnings of over one billion dollars across the trilogy.

These amazing numbers combined with the huge positive reception the third game received by the media and fans makes me wonder. Will Epic now focus more on creating AAA titles and new IPs over focusing on their engine technology?

I also find myself wondering when the next inevitable instalment of Gears will come around. Much like Halo, I find it hard to believe Microsoft will just let this epic cash cow fade away into memory any time soon…

League of Legends Dominion Expansion Released

League of Legends: Dominion Expansion

League of Legends: Dominion

Begun, the Dominion war has!

After months of teasing and previews, the wait is finally over. Riot games this week launched its
brand new control point game mode, “ Dominion” for their incredibly successful MOBA title League
of Legends. The new mode takes a break from the normal MOBA format and pitches two teams in
a war of attrition, where holding control points decays the enemy’s nexus score. The first team to
hit zero loses.

The new mode takes the emphasis off scoring kills and pushing lanes. Players instead have to
control five objectives around the map in order to make the opposing team’s nexus lose points faster
than their own. Dominion has also introduced a new map called the
Crystal Scar.

“With Dominion, we wanted to answer our players’ desire for innovation with a fast-paced,
complementary experience to classic League of Legends,” said Marc Merrill, president of Riot Games
and executive producer of League of Legends. “Now that it’s available to all League of Legends
players, it’s going to be amazing to watch them develop strategies and dominate on the Crystal

Dominion is out now and can be played completely free of charge. Just head over to the League of
Legends website and download the client. http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/

Have you played Dominion yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

A Tribute to the Worst in VG Voice Acting

A Tribute to the Worst in VG Voice Acting

On one of our daily visits to YouTube today we came across this gentleman. Dean Lauderdale, who shows his dedication to the cause by finding an astonishing fifty terrible voice clips from games and acting them out on camera. Kudos to you Dean! If you think you can spot which voice belongs to which game, leave your guess in the comments below!

New Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Trailer Arrives

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

We’re big fans of Kingdom Hearts here at NAGF (don’t laugh) and were delighted to have this drop into our inbox just now – the trailer for the upcoming DS adventure called Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

The trailer promises different gameplay styles in each world, including what looks to be a rotating Goofy, alongside the series’ familiar hack-and-slash formula interseped with 2D side-scrolling levels. And shooting at boxes. Is it a case of it being the same old hat though? The same characters and settings from days gone by are still present – we’ll have to wait and see when it’s released on January 11…

Sega Discounts are an Absolute Steal

Ecco the Dolphin

Let’s do some iPhone news. Or iPad or whatever else is the current must-have. Sega’s blog today announced that, just in time for the Christmas holidays, they’ve gone bonkers and slashed the prices of the majority of their games available on the app store.

The new prices are as follows:

ChuChu Rocket$4.99 $2.99
ChuChu Rocket HD$6.99 $4.99
Ecco the Dolphin$2.99 $0.99
Golden Axe$2.99 $0.99
Gunstar Heroes$4.99 $2.99
Phantasy Star II$4.99 $2.99
Shining Force$2.99 $0.99
Super Monkey Ball 2$5.99 $2.99
Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition$7.99 $4.99
Sonic The Hedgehog 1$5.99 $4.99
Sonic The Hedgehog 2$5.99 $4.99
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1: $9.99 $6.99
Streets of Rage: $2.99 $0.99

Golden Axe is a snip – get it. The slight decrease on Sonic 1 and 2 though show that Sega still consider it something of a cash cow, and don’t want to lop too much off the price.

Still, however you look at it there are some pretty excellent bargains here for when you’re sat on a bloody train into work at 7am in the freezing cold. Except for Ecco the Dolphin. That used to give us nightmares growing up and we’ve never played it since.

Kratos K(c)onfirmed for Mortal Kombat


US Official PlayStation Magazine has a sneaky exclusive up its sleeve. The Mortal Kombat remake will feature God of War’s Kratos as a playable character, with his own fatalities, special moves and what-not.

No story mode for Kratos as it would indeed probably be pretty bollocks. Not the Kratos story itself, you understand – we love the God of War trilogy. But squeezing him in a cutscene with someone like Jax? How naff could you get…

Anyway, true to form, and in typical 4-year-old boy fashion, Kratos’ designer David Jaffe tweeted: ‘[He] would have a FUCKALITY and fuck the SHIT out of Sonya AND Katana at the same motherfucking TIME!!!!’

Intent on making parents everywhere vomit in disgust, he then wrote: ‘Kratos should reach out and pull the fucking MK classic Narrator into the game and gut the fucker! Oh, or rip the head off ‘toasty!’ guy!’

No news on any exclusive 360 content though at the moment. Who on earth would they pick? Our bet is on Alan Wake, or a car from Burnout Paradise or something…

Shenmue 3 Moves a Step Closer

Shenmue 2

The possibility of a third Shenmue being made moved a step closer thanks to designer Yu Suzuki – who isn’t a model of motorbike – who recently told 1Up in an exclusive interview that the concept to make a third game is indeed in existence.

“The concept for Shenmue 3 already exists, so… The world of Shenmue 1 and 2 expanded outward. But Shenmue 3 doesn’t expand outward, but inward.

“A lot of the dialogue is used for the main character and especially dialogue with Shenhua. They talk about a lot of different, deeper things. For example, and I can’t say too much, but here’s an example.

“This is not actually in the game, but as an example to give you an idea of what I mean by deeper dialogue, when Shenhua and Ryo are at home, Shenhua will ask Ryo if he would like to drink tea or coffee and the player will select one or the other.

“Or, Shenhua will ask Ryo a hypothetical question like: ‘There are four animals; a monkey, cat, dog and bird. You are crossing the river but you need to leave one behind. Which one will you leave behind?’ And the player has to choose one.”

Some pretty deep stuff there. We would snap it up in a flash, such was our obsession with the first two. From what Suzuki also says, he wanted to make a third Shenmue straight after the second, but poor sales figures saw Sega nip the project in the bud.

You can add your voice to the ever-moving Shenmue 3 campaign by taking off all your clothes in public and burning them in the middle of the street.

Dead Space 2 Demo Dated for December 21

Dead Space 2

Keep a note in your Dead Space diary – a Dead Space 2 demo is scheduled for release on December 21.

NAGF staff member Simon admitted recently that he couldn’t play the first one without papping his pants in fear and still hasn’t completed it. We’ve therefore banned him from buying the sequel until he can finish the first one, which is pretty illogical in hindsight because if he’s too scared to play the first one then why on earth would he play the second one?

That’s a problem for Simon to figure out for himself though. EA have little sympathy for him, saying in a recent release: “The demo will allow players to discover the Church of Unitology and help Isaac defeat the Necromorph outbreak in a gruesome, unforgiving battle on The Sprawl.

“Players will also have access to a variety of new tools that Isaac can use to fight Necromorphs, including the new Javelin gun, updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability.

“Players will also experience the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 3600 control in Zero-G space.”

So, if you don’t want to miss out on all those amazing new additions Simon, then conquer your fears. Or read how the game ends on Wikipedia or something.

New Batman: Arkham City Trailer Lands on MSN

Batman: Arkham City

The shortest, most obscure teaser trailer ever was released today.

The new Batman: Arkham City vid is obviously designed to get the blood pumping, and although we absolutely adore Arkham Asylum, developers Rocksteady may as well have just walked into our homes and tapped us on the end of our todgers with a wooden spoon.

Don’t get us wrong – it looks great! All well directed and such. But we wanted to hear an evil cackle from Mark Hamill. We wanted to see the scale of anarchy tearing through Gotham. We wanted more than this, Rocksteady!

Maybe we just want the game to be released that badly that nothing will placate us until it’s nestled in our slimy, sweaty grasp. Then again, the game is apparently getting a full reveal at the VGAs this coming Saturday. We’ll be watching with bated breath…

What do you think? You like what you see, and think we’re overreacting? Comment below then and give us a good telling off…

Video: Exclusive: Batman – Arkham City Teaser Trailer