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Starstorm Kickstarter reaches over 400k!


Ronimo’s Kickstarter campaign for an expansion for their game Awesomenauts has closed with a pledge value of over $345,835! Fans could pledge to help the development of the expansion called Awesomenauts:Starstorm on both the Kickstarter site and on Ronimo’s own crowdfunding page. The combined pledged value of both at the time of closing was $407,765. Ronimo’s own page will remain ... Read More »

Superhot makes it’s way to Steam Greenlight


So Over the weekend we stumbled across this little fps web based game. It takes the bullet time genre and fps genre and spins it on it’s head. It’s probably the most elegant ways of killing people I’ve experience. Slipping through time and hitting that headshot in the stylistic manner of the games engine is incredibly satisfying. It’s gained some ... Read More »

PS4 To Support Only 4 Controllers At Once


Shuhei Yoshida is President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony and on Monday he revealed there will be the ability for 4 controllers only to be connected to the PS4   Let us know your thoughts Read More »

New GTA 5 Official Trailer


So Finally we have an “official” video regarding the latest Grand Theft Auto 5. Complete with your standard Skydive, mini gun and fighter jet action! Read More »

Disney Registers New Domain Names for Mystery Star Wars Project


Put the Viper probe droids on alert – some recon work may need to be done in short order. Disney subsidiary LucasFilm just recently went on a domain registration spree, acquiring a slew of new Star Wars-related domains. Recent domains registered by LucasFilm include,,, and No official announcements have been made by LucasFilm or Disney as ... Read More »

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Ziba Tower trailer


Here’s the latest trailer for the Battlefield 3 DLC Close Quarters. I’ll go out on a limb here and say this map look amazing! Estimated release is June 2012 it seems to take the large open scale map to large vertical maps. Read More »

Buy Android Tablet For A Varied Gaming Experience

Gone are the days when kids required other mates around them to play games with. If computers with their advent revolutionised the manner in which kids and adults could play interactive games on the monitor or the TV screen, the latest innovations on the tablet PC front has indeed taken this to stratospheric heights. Those hardcore gamers that enjoyed portable ... Read More »

Mojang raises over $450k for charity


Over the weekend of the 17th to the 19th December, 2012, the company responsible for Minecraft, Scrolls and the publishing of Cobalt raised almost half a million dollars for four different charities. Holding a game jam – an event where a game is to be created within a set time-limit, usually a 48-hour period over a weekend. It’s an incredibly ... Read More »

Uncharted: Golden Abyss for 79p? Oh, go on then…


Red faces at Sony tonight, as floods of people were able to download PS Vita’s Uncharted: GoldenAbyss for an incredible 79p. A keen-eyed observer noticed that the Golden Abyss Treasure Map DLC pack on PSN was actually the full game. Priced at 79p, lucky users were presented with the full game – a whopping 3,384mb of Drake’s latest adventure instead of some lame-ass DLC. We were lucky enough ... Read More »

Gamers Redesign Protein That Surpasses Those Of The Experts


The online game Foldit, allows players to fiddle at folding proteins on their home computers in search of the best-scoring (lowest-energy) configurations.   The game has extended from what was just donating processing power to crunch numbers and mathematically generate structures to actually giving it a go themselves. I worked for two years to make these enzymes better and I ... Read More »

MegaUpload Founder was worlds #1 MW3 Player


Ever since the Megaupload take down i’ve been keeping a close eye on the fallout and how it all unfolds. There’s been a number of key revalations since then: * Anonymous retaliating * Fileserve and Filesonic shutting down it’s external linking services and making it for personal use. But the latest revlation is that the owner of Megaupload Kim Dotcom (username MEGARACER ... Read More »

Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer


With an official release date of 20/11/2012 Capcom have released the trailer for Resident Evil 6 From what appears to be cinematic (NAGF) with some game play footage it looks like this one could be a good end of year release. Read More »