Starstorm Kickstarter reaches over 400k!

Ronimo’s Kickstarter campaign for an expansion for their game Awesomenauts has closed with a pledge value of over $345,835! Fans could pledge to help the development of the expansion called Awesomenauts:Starstorm on both the Kickstarter site and on Ronimo’s own crowdfunding page.

The combined pledged value of both at the time of closing was $407,765. Ronimo’s own page will remain open for a short while longer, although all physical rewards have been removed.

Reaching 400k means several stretch goals have been met after funding the base 125k requirement within the first week. The new features that will be built are as follows:

– 4 new Awesomenauts and a map will be added to the game, tied together by the new Starstorm narrative.
– Full spectator mode and replay system. Players will be able to spectate any public matches that are currently going on, as well as watch replays later.
– Custom games setup, allowing private matches to be fully customisable.
– 2 awesome new songs will be created and added to the soundtrack.

And since Ronimo’s own crowdfunding page is still open (here: the next stretch goal might also be met. At 415k a 5th character and 3rd song will also be built!

Also, did you know:
-This campaign has been the highest grossing crowdfunding campaign from the Netherlands.
-This has been the first Kickstarter campaign for a game expansion.

As always progress on the game and the campaign can be followed at or

Superhot makes it’s way to Steam Greenlight

So Over the weekend we stumbled across this little fps web based game. It takes the bullet time genre and fps genre and spins it on it’s head. It’s probably the most elegant ways of killing people I’ve experience. Slipping through time and hitting that headshot in the stylistic manner of the games engine is incredibly satisfying.

It’s gained some notoriety in the gaming scene and has had rave reviews on the short demo/proof of concept game on their site.  With your support we could have a fully fledged game. So check out the video and the game itself and support if this makes sends geek chills down your spine like it did us.

To Play the game go here


Disney Registers New Domain Names for Mystery Star Wars Project

Put the Viper probe droids on alert – some recon work may need to be done in short order. Disney subsidiary LucasFilm just recently went on a domain registration spree, acquiring a slew of new Star Wars-related domains. Recent domains registered by LucasFilm include,,, and No official announcements have been made by LucasFilm or Disney as of yet regarding what this mysterious squadron-related project may be, but when the owner of the most successful sci-fi movie franchise in history attempts to do so much as register a domain related to Star Wars (let alone dozens of them), the Internet quickly picks it up and begins to buzz with speculation.

While heavyweight companies with loose cash (such as Disney) can afford to shell out a couple of hundred bucks for domain names related a project that may never see the light of day, there seems to be a stronger element of intention with the two dozen or so domain names that LucasFilm and company have snapped up. Add to this the fact that Electronic Arts (EA), which recently inked a multi-year exclusive agreement to develop and publish games for the Star Wars franchise, already owns two squadron-related domain names: and All things considered, it appears as though a fairly major project may be emerging on the horizon.

Electronic Arts made headlines at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) by announcing their planned release of the new video game Star Wars: Battlefront in the summer of 2015. Battlefront is currently being developed in Stockholm by Swedish gaming powerhouse (and EA subsidiary) DICE. There appears to be a major push to make summer 2015 a blockbuster season for the Star Wars franchise, as the release of Battlefront is scheduled to coincide with the new Episode VII movie, which will hit theaters during that same time frame. Episode VII promises to reunite the original Star Wars cast (Yes, die-hard fans, that includes Mark Hamill.), which will in many ways be the icing on the cake to of all the other Star Wars-related debuts scheduled for the summer 2015 season.

It has not been made clear whether the Star Wars Attack Squadrons project will be a movie, a theme park ride, or a video game. Many speculate that the recent deal struck between Disney and EA is a dead giveaway that a new squadron-themed video game is soon to be released. Some have even postulated that Star Wars Attack Squadrons could be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo, flight simulator games that were released in 1999 and 2000, respectively.

LucasFilm initiated the bulk domain registrations on July 26, 2013 by way of the Corporation Service Company (CSC), a comprehensive digital brand services agency. As of this writing, none of the domains owned by LucasFilm or EA resolve to any website – not even a parked page or a 404 “File Not Found” page. Unfortunately, we will simply have to wait for more details – but in the meantime, it is always fun to try and guess LucasFilm’s next move.

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Buy Android Tablet For A Varied Gaming Experience

Gone are the days when kids required other mates around them to play games with. If computers with their advent revolutionised the manner in which kids and adults could play interactive games on the monitor or the TV screen, the latest innovations on the tablet PC front has indeed taken this to stratospheric heights.

Those hardcore gamers that enjoyed portable consoles that facilitated gaming such as Xbox or Play station are thrilled with the immense potential that the tablet PC range holds for them when it comes to the variety of gaming opportunities.

When you buy that android tablet PC, you can get access to racing games, strategy games and a whole range of gaming applications that are sure to please people of all ages. The selection of games suitable for you is an easy task and what’s more, if you indeed don’t find something that is right for you, there is always the facility of downloading more of them.

While computer games were always popular with people who could afford them, there was earlier the limitation of having to sit in front of the computer monitor or TV in order to play them. The fact that you can now play any game and when you wish to on your Android tablet PC or smartphones has indeed carried the gaming revolution forward with more and more innovative games in popular segments being developed on a regular basis.

So if you are on the move or bored while having to wait for your turn, just switch on that Android tablet PC and choose from the many genres of games that are available for you. The only care you should take when you buy Android Tablet PCs is to ensure that they have strong processing power and HD screens for that wonderful gaming experience.

Mojang raises over $450k for charity

Over the weekend of the 17th to the 19th December, 2012, the company responsible for Minecraft, Scrolls and the publishing of Cobalt raised almost half a million dollars for four different charities.

Holding a game jam – an event where a game is to be created within a set time-limit, usually a 48-hour period over a weekend. It’s an incredibly intense and physically demanding challenge, and Mojang took to it with gusto, teaming up with Oxeye (developers of Cobalt) to deliver three games over the weekend – and deliver they did.

The gaming community also came together and donated $458,214.95 USD in total, which is an incredible achievement and something to be celebrated whether you’re a Minecraft superfan or a Partypoker player. It’s also worth celebrating if you’re one of the four charities receiving an average of over a hundred thousand dollars as a result.

Not that it didn’t look like fun, however – they livestreamed the whole thing and engaged in random activities from bacon-slapping fights to arm wrestling, to entertain those who tuned in to watch the games being made. The games themselves seem competent and imprethe community around videogamssive for around a weekend’s worth of work, and watching staff member BomuBoi craft pixel-art was a particular highlight.

Game jams are becoming all the more popular as time goes on, and it’s fascinating to see so many people coming together to design small games and offer up an insight into their design process and how they cope with the time constraint while attempting to craft a playable, enjoyable game.

It’s also a big boost to the gaming industry’s reputation – all too often games are labelled as evil, and seeing the gaming community give back like this really helps to prove all the naysayers wrong. We can’t wait until the next one. Similar promo should be shown on the site poker promo hub.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss for 79p? Oh, go on then…

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was available for 79p

Red faces at Sony tonight, as floods of people were able to download PS Vita’s UnchartedGoldenAbyss for an incredible 79p.

A keen-eyed observer noticed that the Golden Abyss Treasure Map DLC pack on PSN was actually the full game. Priced at 79p, lucky users were presented with the full game – a whopping 3,384mb of Drake’s latest adventure instead of some lame-ass DLC.

We were lucky enough to capitalise on the blunder, but unluckily for everybody else, Sony has cottoned on with the PlayStation Store going down ‘for maintenance’. We weren’t planning on buying a Vita for a while until the price came down, but with 38-odd quid knocked off a launch title, we’re now very tempted to dip into our wallets first thing tomorrow!

Gamers Redesign Protein That Surpasses Those Of The Experts

The online game Foldit, allows players to fiddle at folding proteins on their home computers in search of the best-scoring (lowest-energy) configurations.


The game has extended from what was just donating processing power to crunch numbers and mathematically generate structures to actually giving it a go themselves.

I worked for two years to make these enzymes better and I couldn’t do it – Justin Segal a post-doctoral biophysics researcher.

The game has 240,000 registered players, 2,200 of whom were active last week.

n one puzzle, the researchers asked users to remodel one of four amino-acid loops on the enzyme to increase contact with the reactants. In another puzzle, players were asked for a design that would stabilize the new loop. The researchers got back nearly 70,000 designs for the first puzzle and 110,000 for the second, then synthesized a number of test enzymes based on the best designs, ultimately resulting in the final, 18-fold-more-active enzyme.

The ability to crowd source such things allow for the competitive aspect of the leaderboard system and truly call in on humans intuition or maybe even luck at generating the best proteins possible.

Whilst there is no application for this protein it’s a good sign that us gamer’s out there and the ability to create games like this could yield scientific breakthroughs.

Maybe something that could be utilised on an android tablet ?

For more info visit the source

MegaUpload Founder was worlds #1 MW3 Player

Ever since the Megaupload take down i’ve been keeping a close eye on the fallout and how it all unfolds.

There’s been a number of key revalations since then:

* Anonymous retaliating

* Fileserve and Filesonic shutting down it’s external linking services and making it for personal use.

But the latest revlation is that the owner of Megaupload Kim Dotcom (username MEGARACER ) was ranked #1 mw3 player on xbox. Video below.