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Why the Real Winner at E3 is PC Gaming

Minecraft was announced for Kinect during E3 2011

Muted. Boring. Stale. That’s our impressions of E3 so far, from Nintendo’s atrocious spin as a mass innovator with Wii U, to Microsoft’s appalling Kinect line-up. Hiding behind Halo didn’t really do much for us – where was the innovation this year?

One thing from the Kinect catastrophe did make us sit up and take notice, though. Minecraft making an appearance is a real coup for developer Markus Persson, who started it as a personal project in May 2009. Minecraft’s cult status amongst PC gamers is set to go global – does Microsoft’s backing prove that console innovation is dead and that people need to look toward the PC market for fresh ideas?

Getting serious…

Headless Kamikaze, Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam 3: BFE is one we’re really looking forward to and one of our picks for this year’s E3. Rage, by the legendary John Carmack, also looks like a winner – Battlefield 3 though is so far the undoubted jewel in the PC crown with EA demonstrating an incredible tank battle during their presentation. The The latter two especially are due to be released on consoles, but with the best games at the show belonging to PS3, 360 and PC, it shows that processing power has undoubtedly knocked Nintendo of its current-gen perch.

All platforms have so far been met with controversy and indifference. Microsoft for its kiddy Kinect showing, Sony for the problems dogging its PSN service and the poor overall showing by Nintendo, culminating with its shares dropping to a five-year low. Sitting silently at the back with its chest puffed out was PC gaming, doing what it does best, being a pillar of salt while everyone around them looked shaky.


The Minecraft story, from inception to present day, is a real winner and it’s no surprise that it’s been picked up by a distributor as large as Microsoft. To us though it highlights that, with so much choice and option for developers to play around with and game production getting ever-more expensive, larger companies are looking to invest in PC potential and bring it to a wider audience. Innovation seems to be sorely lacking, so where better to tap into than the undiscovered creative brains of the internet?

Super Meat Boy and Alien Hominid – two internet hits that found their way onto consoles one way or another. Indie developers now have a real drive and purpose, examples to follow in the hope of making it big and getting their ideas out there to the wider public. Hell, from a personal point of view I’d rather play Cave Story than fart about with Dance Central on Kinect, wouldn’t you?

The PC can hold its head up high after this E3, and can look forward to a healthy future while consoles continue to bluster over ‘innovation’. The best innovation we’ve seen so far at E3 are ideas such as Apple’s iCloud (Mac, ironylololol) – not the Wii U…

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