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Why Nintendo Needs to Reinvent Reggie – and Quick…

Why Nintendo Needs to Reinvent Reggie – and Quick…

Why Nintendo Needs to Reinvent Reggie - and Quick...

We tweeted a mix of anger and disappointment yesterday during Nintendo’s press conference at E3. There were so many basic errors on show. The Wii U may have a bright future, it may not. No-one knows these things until they’re released into the wild and the market has given its judgements through cold hard cash.

But the market seems to have already given it a massive thumbs down. We awoke today to news that Nintendo’s share price has fallen to a five-year low, plummeting 5.7 per cent and seeing over 2 million shares sold. What that means in layman’s terms is that investors were disgusted with what they saw at E3, lost faith in Nintendo and let them know about it. We think we know why – Reggie…

The Reg Factor

Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2011

Well, not just Reggie. The whole Nintendo presentation stank from start to finish. And it could have been so much better – we were treated to a fantastic opening Zelda montage to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, accompanied by beautiful music from a wonderful orchestra.

Then it all went downhill. Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage with his translator, with both speaking at the same time and clambering all over each others’ lines. Instead of information about Skyward Sword, the hardcore who had waited for so long for new information were treated to Miyamoto dancing on stage like a madman. His gospel was nothing new – a few re-releases of old games, a gold Wii remote to commemorate the landmark and the orchestra touring. Nothing about Skyward Sword. Zzz…

Then along comes Reggie Fils-Aime to proclaim to the world that “Nintendo had listened”. The following hour proved that Nintendo hadn’t at all, causing in-the-know investors to jump ship like rats.


Snake is scheduled to appear on the 3DS

Showing off core first-party titles for the 3DS took up a hefty chunk of Nintendo’s presentation. And while the new games looked good, there’s only so many times you can get excited by a new Mario game, as fantastic as they are. This was the part of the pitch where your stomach lurched and you realised that all the rumours of GTA V exclusives and Nintendo investing in the hardcore market were about to evaporate.

A Star Fox 64 remake with tilt functionality. A new Mario Kart with karts that could hand-glide and grew propellers when underwater. For a company that prides itself on innovation, Nintendo didn’t half trot out some uninspired crap. Something about a 3D Pokemon and a Pokedex update – Reggie looked seriously in the camera as though he was revealing the Da Vinci code to an unknowing audience. Nintendo was dying on its feet.

Wii U? Pee-ew…

Iwata presents the Wii U at E3 2011

And then Nintendo did what it does best, blowing on its own trumpet as it revealed Wii U to muted gasps. The crowd and those of us watching were utterly confused – was this a new console or a new controller? Was it an iPad? Nintendo didn’t really care to explain clearly; a shoddy tech demo of a bird in flight looked average and unimpressive at best.

Third party games were announced such as Batman: Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed. There were a couple of cheers from the crowd, but come on, it was just a sign to us that Nintendo are hastily playing catch-up after being caught with its trousers round its ankles after dipping in the casual market for so long. And the Wii currently has Call of Duty games – who’s to say that these third-party titles won’t be terrible ports? We won’t for a while, especially with Nintendo keeping the Wii U’s specs under wraps.

Chaos and Confusion

Nintendo needs a serious facelift

Oh wait – so it actually is a console?? But you’ve chosen to concentrate on the controller again in the VT? Well done Nintendo, it looks OK, but stop patting yourselves on the back and tell it to us straight. Nintendo’s presentation was shocking, nothing short of confusing and uninspired. This E3 served to confirm that Nintendo is firmly encapsulated in its innovation bubble and refuses to leave it until it pops.

For a company that wants to bring everyone together, it sure has a horrible knack of pushing them away with its psychobabble. Nintendo haven’t listened at all, as Reggie so claims, and the sooner they fix their PR and stop talking to the public like Doc Brown does to Marty in Back to the Future, then a lot more investors are going to put their cash elsewhere.

  • so a person who is a nice guy is why the stock went down……..

    Oh lord…………..

    microsoft, sony there stocks are both down year over year.

    What people can we blame? 

  • lewis tull

    Exactly what I was thinking, and shigsy with the orchestra, massive cringe !

  • GG

    No one cares, stop looking for attention, Nintendo won E3.

  • People need to seriously back off of NIntendo and Wii U not being “explained” well enough. This E3 was simply and introduction. Next E3 will be all the explaining you’ll ever want. Remember the 3DS’s first E3? Barely an announcement and the same with WIi.

    • Nick

      But the Wii sucked… I haven’t dusted out that thing for a play since Super Mario Galaxy 2. And it’s been lying in my closet since Dec. 2007 before that. Association with the Wii is what Nintendo shouldn’t want. The casual markets sucked it in but the gimmick has worn of. It’s going to take some magic to keep the attention of casual markets since it’s obvious Nintendo doesn’t care at all about the dedicated gamer market anymore.

    • John Meadowcroft

      Investors certainly didn’t like Nintendo’s hush-hush stance. Their shares fell to an all-time low – exactly the reason WHY Nintendo has to improve its PR and explain itself better.