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The NAGF Opinion: Console Ports Are Harming PC Gaming

The NAGF Opinion: Console Ports Are Harming PC Gaming

We’re a very community-focused bunch here at NAGF, and we’re looking for more contributors to join us and give us their views on gaming.

Lauren Coupe, for instance, is a gamer with strong views on PC gaming. In our first ever NAGF guest post (with hopefully more to follow), Lauren tells us in no uncertain terms why she feels console ports are damaging the future of PC gaming:

Are poor ports hurting PC gaming?

“PCs are the best things since sliced bread. Everybody relies on them, whether it be at work or for shopping or just for socialising with friends.

“Xbox 360 and the PS3 consoles release games that you can also purchase on the PC, with the majority of sales favouring consoles. Why is this? Well, for starters it is easier for a person to install a game, as you just put the disk in and play (unless it’s for the PS3, in which case you have to wait around about 20 minutes for the damn thing to install), and it’s less confusing when it comes to downloading patches because the console does it all for you. What I fail to understand is why console gamers marvel about their graphics, when the PC has been able to produce intense graphics of its own for years now.

“Remember when games for the PC used to be generations apart from consoles in terms of graphics? PCs revolutionised gaming, and to be able to play games on the highest graphical setting possible was really something to boast about as we looked down from our pedestals at the mediocre graphics on console machines. It is hard for us to be able to do such a thing now for recent games, as some graphical settings have be toned down for the PC because the games have been ported onto it straight from the console version, and the console can’t handle top-notch graphics like the PC can. So why should us PC gamers suffer? Why should we have to stick with average graphics just because the Xbox 360 and PS3 can’t handle good graphics?

RISEN is a shining example of what the PC can deliver in comparison to the Xbox 360

RISEN is a shining example of what the PC can deliver in comparison to the Xbox 360

“Take, for example, Crysis. Crysis was and still is the most fantastic looking game you will ever see when you turn the graphics up to the highest quality on the PC. There isn’t really another game that looks as crisp and clean-cut as Crysis. Fans waited in anticipation for Crysis 2 to be released, wondering how they could ever top the gorgeous graphics of the first game. Then the demo arrived.

Crysis was a game like no other

Crysis was a game like no other

“The Crysis 2 demo was what can only be described as one big disappointment. The graphics were bland and blurry, and it made me feel as though I was playing through a Gear of War game or something straight off the Xbox 360. The reason for this is because the demo was a straight port off the damn thing! What I found astonishing was that some of the people who had worked on the game were actually denying this fact on the forum to their disheartened fans. There is proof that it is just a straight port when on the menu screen it tells you to ‘press start’ to begin. Do you see a start button on your keyboard anywhere?

Do you see a start button anywhere on your keyboard?

Do you see a start button on your keyboard?

“I know people are going to rant and rave when I ask ‘has console gaming ruined gaming’? Because I know that there are some good console games out there, and it would be hard to sit there and agree, but real gaming for me has always been about the PC and what it is capable of doing. Now it’s not even capable of being able to show off its graphics anymore, because it is being given the cold shoulder by some high profile developers, who prefer to make their games directly for the console market and throw the PC a rubbish port that doesn’t even feel right to play because they haven’t made the controls very good.

“I find the Dragon Age 2 demo very awkward to play on the PC because the camera is assigned to the left mouse button but the left mouse button is also ‘attack’, so as you’re attacking, the damn camera is moving in all directions with you! Sigh… Let’s hope you get to change the controls around when the game is released.

“When the Xbox 700 and the PS50 are released, they will still look no better than the PC in terms of graphics, because the PC is far too advanced for any other gaming machine to compete with. But you can guarantee the console games will still outsell it.”

Do you agree with Lauren’s views? Are bad ports hurting PC gaming? Let us know in the comments section below, or even better, write a rebuttal!


  • Unbiasgamer

    nice article but its graphics whores and hardware lackeys like you that focus in teh AA and AF and not good game design that ruin gaming

    you do realise that its the developers that make the games and not console, being….you know machines and all and funny you dont blame the ever increasing popularity of gaming but a machine for all your gaming ills

    PCs revolutionised gaming? is that why GOTY’s are almost always console games? look at top 100 games of all time and see how many are console games,

    GOW3 was the best looking game of last year and that was on 5 year old hardware, so what does that say about your precious rigs? Metro 2033 had some very good graphics but it was way too inconsistent to match GOW3 retina-blowing visuals

    Killzone 3 has been praised for being a visual tour de force and praised as one of the best looking games on any platform, and on 5 year old hardware again,,you know why!? cause developers get to intimately know the hardware they are working on. Which is why Skyirm looks half a gen ahead on the SAME hardware!! Obivously this is impossible on the PC casue ATI and Nvidia release new hardware eveyr 6 months that you muppets lap up even though there isnt a need for it

    your bias is moronic almost to the point of comedy, the question is why do you by into the hardware race when almost no developers make games for it? or havent for the 3 years!?

    but you gonna have to get used as the user base of the console increases month on month and people realise that PC gaming is a waste of money (as the hardware is never utilised) developrs will focus more and more on making games for the consoles

    this will only get more and more pronounced

    • DanEboi

      ..what a dumb ass.

    • Lauren

      Skyrim looks half a gen ahead? It looks poor on the PC too. Bethesda will forever continue to use the same engine but ‘do it up slightly better than the last’. They say they’re using a different ‘more up to date engine’ – so why does it still look crap? I’m sorry, but Bethesda are so far behind in terms of graphics.

  • Talamasca

    Who can argue with it!?. its a fact that PC games are suffering due to popularity of consoles/games. We either have to put up with bad backward ports or join the rest and get a console!. or developers could do what used to happen and make the game as best as it can be (on the PC) and port it to consoles!, everyones happy!!. the only reason is costs and making profit, its cheaper to bang out your next pile of shit COD for the consoles and port it to the PC, than it is the develop a title for the PC then port to console. damn shame really!…it doesnt take a genius to realise that the last great COD game (Cod4) which was highly developed for the PC!! was…well the last great Cod game!….cut corners and costs to bang out titles for the console which sell more… my PC cries..

  • Fact

    Its not just an option its fact. Look at the fact that crisis 2 didn’t even bother to ship with dx11 support and at the fact that most (modern) pc games just look like high res 360 ports with alittle better aa.

  • Rich Cadman

    I don’t care about graphics…never have, never will. And thats the end of the argument for me…

    • Guest

      thankyou. at least someone gets it

    • CorP

       go back to the dark ages then

  • Simon

    The people commenting are focusing too much on graphics. It goes beyond graphics its little things like field of view, mouse sensitivity. Little things like that are going to put off new PC gamers.

    There are new PC gamers that aren’t used to the doing the routine i go through when getting a new game. Such as checking out the ini files and configs to make sure basic things you don’t want on are disabled. Does it have mouse accell/auto aim? What is the field of view? Simple things that take me 5 minutes to go in and change that make the game much better. But the developers just don’t bother? It’s the ignorance to the little things that developers just don’t consider because they just want to get the pc port out the door.