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Five Nintendo Titles That Would Be Terrible on 3DS

Metroid Prime Hunters 3DS

We’re all for innovation, and are going to be keeping a solid eye on how Nintendo’s 3DS performs over the coming weeks and months. No doubt it’ll soar to number one in the hardware charts the second it’s released, but as has happened with the Wii, we’re also sure that there’ll be a slew of third-party shite out sooner rather ... Read More »

The Top 5 Modern Speed Runs That Make us Feel Terribly Stupid

The Top 5 Modern Speed Runs That Make us Feel Terribly Stupid

In our spare time we usually head on over to Speed Demos Archive and watch some speed runs, such is the state of our hollow, bland lives at the moment… Nah, that’s unfair. On a personal level I’ve been visiting the site for years, and discovered some absolutely fascinating examples of gaming mastery that have made me rub my eyes ... Read More »

Reasons why PC Gaming isn’t dead in 2011 – Part 2.

Lan Party

Wow, I’ve been slacking with this feature! Over a month ago, I wrote part one, detailing why I feel PC gaming refuses to lay down and die. Oh, how things have changed… Piracy in PC Gaming is at a record low (source MCVUK), and my addiction to Starcraft 2 and Minecraft has slowly surpassed my internal ‘casual mode’, replacing it ... Read More »

The Astonishing Correlation Between Kids’ Cartoons and Terrible Games

The astonishing correlation between kids' cartoons and terrible games

My nephew helped open my eyes the other day to something seriously wrong in both the gaming and animation industry. I’m one of those nostalgic types who believes everything used to be better than it is nowadays (read: old fart). But I wasn’t looking through rose-tinted spectacles when my nephew showed me Ben 10: Alien Storm on the DS. It ... Read More »

Have We Become A Generation Of Unpaid Game Testers?

Grandmas boy

In all my gaming years I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a flurry of incomplete, buggy games being released. It may just be because I’m primarily a PC gamer and am used to poor ports. The PC always seems to be an afterthought for developers. But it got me thinking – are terrible ports and conversions acceptable? If you ... Read More »

These Angry Birds Cupcakes Look a Real Tweet!

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Sorry for the dreadful pun, we couldn't resist! On one of our jaunts to the Twitterverse earlier today, we came across user @bobbiealice, who posted this picture of some fantastic looking Angry Birds cupcakes. And how about some dastardly pigs with some buttercream icing? Enough of our babble. Just enjoy the view... Read More »

Get Yourself Into Competitive Gaming This Weekend With ESL


This article is not aimed at those like me. Those who have been following competitive gaming for a good five years now. Despite having dabbled in it myself, I have always equally enjoyed watching it as a spectator sport. There’s something special about watching those top players competing for big money! IEM: European Championship Finals… …are this weekend in Kiev, ... Read More »

Top 5 Games Where You Don’t Get Sacked For Doing an Awful Job

Top 5 Games Where You Don't Get Sacked For Doing an Awful Job

Games have evolved to a state where you can get jobs in them and – hey! – do boring and mundane things as you would in real life. If you’re anything like me though, and enlist to take on these jobs mid-game, you’ll do everything in your power to get sacked and have an easy life on the dole. Read More »

The Five Scariest Video Game Prisons

The Five Scariest Video Game Prisons

I got to thinking on the way home the other day about some of the prisons I’ve seen in video games, and tried telling my mum about how dirty, scummy and downright frightening they were. She didn’t hear my speech because she was busy pickpocketing and throwing chips at old people. I reckon you guys will be polite enough to listen, though. So here are NAGF’s top five scaaaary prisons... Read More »

The Quick-but-comprehensive Guide to Indiana Jones Video Games

Indiana Jones

I turn on BBC One after work - what’s this? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? One of my favourite films and, in my opinion, THE best Indy film?? Get in! That’s my evening sorted. Then I felt depressed at how poorly Indiana Jones has translated over to consoles. After doing my research, I felt lower than Short Round. So, if you're a big Indy fan, take a look at NAGF’s quick-but-comprehensive history of Indiana Jones video games. Read More »

Five Things we DON’T Want to See in the Next Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2011

Though there’s some great games in the history of Mortal Kombat the catalogue also has its fair share of absolute stinkers. So we don’t feel there’s any excuses for the new Mortal Kombat to be bad – there’s more than enough things we can point to that developers NetherRealm Studios must omit for the game to be considered an essential purchase. Read More »

Five Great Examples of Human Modelling in Games (Featuring Lovely Celebs)

Jacques, Onimusha 3

We've decided to reminisce a bit and highlight the best rendering jobs developers have done with filthy human beings over the last couple of generations. And what better way than to scrutinise celebrity faces and check their transition over to the gaming world? Here’s NAGF's favourite five! Read More »