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Pandamonium – Blizzard’s Flagship MMO Gets an Oriental Twist

Pandamonium - Blizzard's Flagship MMO Gets an Oriental Twist

  World of Warcraft has always been synonymous with slaying dragons, banishing demons and being a legendary hero in a dangerous universe. Consider the game’s current main storyline, that of defeating the dragon aspect of death, aptly named ‘Deathwing’. You can imagine my surprise when I tuned in to Blizzcon this year and found out the next major expansion for ... Read More »

How to Monetise Minecraft


Recently, Spotify revealed a staggering 1 million subscribers had signed up to their paid service. A substantial amount of money is being made at Spotify HQ, as these are recurring payments on a monthly basis. This million mark got me thinking about the hit PC sensation, Minecraft. Want to play it? Then you need to make a one-off payment that ... Read More »

Five Books That Would Make Great Video Games


Award-winning author Christopher Fowler, writing for CVG today, asks why more books aren’t turned into video games, citing them as an excellent source of inspiration. Fowler says: “Imagine a game of JG Ballard’s ‘High Rise’ in which the residents of a tower block go to war with one another. Imagine a game of MR James’ ‘Casting The Runes’, in which ... Read More »

Why There’s No Defence for the New Features in Fifa 12

Why There's No Defence for the New Features in Fifa 12

Like every modern football fan, I demand instant success. If my team loses three games in a row then I want to see the manager publicly hung, drawn and quartered, all from the comfort of my armchair. That also makes me brilliant at Fifa and Football Manager, and my opinion more important than the next fan’s. Of course I’m writing ... Read More »

Free to Play: In a League of its Own!

League of Legends

The last few years has seen a change in how we purchase our games and feed our addiction. It used to be the normal thing to go out to a shop and buy a retail copy of a game, which you would then take home and install. Then with the growth of readily-available internet, MMO gaming became increasingly popular and ... Read More »

Is There Any Way Back for Music-based Games?

Is there any way back for music-based games?

When we’re not whittling our lives away looking at porn, we’re usually doing a good impression of Scrooge McDuck. Credit and Debit cards in hand, we’ll scour the internet for the best gaming bargains possible, not just because we’re cheap, but also because we can’t be arsed getting on the train into town at the risk of finding nothing and ... Read More »

How Microsoft is Killing Gaming with Sinister SEO

How Microsoft is Killing Gaming with Sinister SEO

Never heard of SEO? We used to work in it for a living, and let us tell you, it can be a horrible mistress at the best of times. Standing for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, SEO is the practice of optimising various aspects of your website so it appears higher up search results for certain search terms on engines like Google ... Read More »

The Two-tier Gaming Premier League

Why the Best Are Only Getting Better - And Why That's Terrible News for the Long-term Health of the Games Industry

Follow football? Then you’ll know how boring the Scottish Premier League is, with only Celtic and Rangers realistically contesting the title every year. The same two-horse race happened this year in Spain with only Barcelona and Real Madrid in the running. Remember how dull and predictable the Premier League used to be with only Manchester United and Arsenal challenging at ... Read More »

Why the Real Winner at E3 is PC Gaming

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 09 13.14

Muted. Boring. Stale. That’s our impressions of E3 so far, from Nintendo’s atrocious spin as a mass innovator with Wii U, to Microsoft’s appalling Kinect line-up. Hiding behind Halo didn’t really do much for us – where was the innovation this year? One thing from the Kinect catastrophe did make us sit up and take notice, though. Minecraft making an ... Read More »

Why Nintendo Needs to Reinvent Reggie – and Quick…

Why Nintendo Needs to Reinvent Reggie - and Quick...

We tweeted a mix of anger and disappointment yesterday during Nintendo’s press conference at E3. There were so many basic errors on show. The Wii U may have a bright future, it may not. No-one knows these things until they’re released into the wild and the market has given its judgements through cold hard cash. But the market seems to ... Read More »

The Five Best Gliding Power Ups in Gaming

The Five Best Gliding Power Ups in Gaming

We went skydiving at the weekend. And bungie jumping. It was dead brill. But as soon as it was over we raced back in front of the TV, shut the curtains and whacked on some of our favourite games (we’re addicted, you see). So, with the taste of flies still in our mouths, we decided to take flight in some ... Read More »



Yeah, we know it sounds terrible, but it’s the name that was picked first out of the hat and we can’t be bothered changing it at the moment. We’d like to finally introduce you to ‘The NAGF Zone’ – our sweet-ass gaming setup that we are going to make full use of to entertain, inform and educate our visitors. And ... Read More »