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Our Five Favourite Game Over Screens

“Bah, I’ve just died. But look at the effort the developers have put into that game over screen! It’s amazing!! Now I don’t feel so bad about being a fat, shitty waste of space, spending all my summer hours getting only the pastiest skin and failing miserably at life!”

Now let’s be honest, that could be any one of us sitting here reading this article. But my misguided quote does have a purpose – it’s a mark of a brilliant development team when they take the greatest care over every part of the gaming package. So many developers are happy to just slap up a ‘Game Over’ screen up and expect you to be happy. Not these – below are the five game over screens that we actually enjoy seeing:

Sega Rally

You’ve fucked up and missed a crucial checkpoint. But there’s no sounds of frustrated, testosterone-filled drivers in Sega Rally, oh no. Instead developers AM3 gave us the funkiest game over we’ve ever heard in our lives.

Resident Evil 2

Sure, Resident Evil 4 did it better but that’s to be expected. Resident Evil 2 sticks in our minds most because of its sheer morbid undertones. A zombie chewing your neck and ripping out your veins, before a big splat of blood hits the screen. There were other variations too depending on what killed you (the Licker’s our favourite), followed by Capcom pointing and laughing at you with a brazen ‘YOU DIED’. Thanks, pal…

PaRappa the Rapper – Stage 5

Oo-er, PaRappa’s got the turtle’s head and there’s a queue at the toilets! Do well enough in level 5 and PaRappa will make it to the bog, dignity intact where he proceeds to snap off a piece of dirty spine. Fail though, and his blushes simply aren’t spared as he fills his pants right in front of his friends. To signify the event, we’re treated to a rocket blowing up over the sea, samba-style! PaRappa, you dirty dog you…

Donkey Kong Country 3

If you’re like us and hate everything about Donkey Kong Country’s ever-expanding Sonic-like roster of characters, then nothing will give you greater pleasure than seeing these two little bastards being locked away in DKC3.

Mortal Kombat 4


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