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Konami: 'No Current Plans' for Console Silent Hill: The Arcade

Konami: ‘No Current Plans’ for Console Silent Hill: The Arcade

Pyramid Head making his appearance in Silent Hill: The Arcade

I contacted Konami yesterday to see if there was a planned console release for Silent Hill: The Arcade. “It’s not on any current plans,” was the official response from their European PR handlers, Voltage – I suddenly had the urge to send them an immediate enquiry because I had just read House Of The Dead 3 and 4 were both moaning and groaning their way to PSN on February 7.

Sega’s lightgun masterpieces are getting a spanking new HD facelift, and are sure to be hits for people who have bought PlayStation Move. Sega is throwing its full weight behind both titles, as Sega Of America senior VP of digital business, Haruki Satomi said: “The House Of The Dead has always been one of Sega’s most popular series, and over the years we have worked hard to bring that full arcade experience to console owners. The abilities of the PS3, as well as PlayStation Move, have let us get closer than ever before.”

So, could Konami seize on a trend here and do the same with Silent Hill: The Arcade? I first heard about it when I saw it on YouTube a while back, and have since watched speed runs and anything else I can find. I’m a massive Silent Hill nut, in case you haven’t guessed already. I’ve already written about my 5 hopes for Silent Hill: Downpour which is due for release this year.

But searching through the internet, there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding The Arcade. Destructoid said it was akin to vomit, despite their only experience of The Arcade apparently extending as far as watching the same videos I have. Their complaint? That it’s messing too much with the IP.

I don’t really buy into that. I think it looks quite sharp and, though maybe not the most original idea, still looks like a lot of fun. I’d download it for a play – more-so if it had Move support (I’ve only got Heavy Rain to play with Move at the moment).

The early Silent Hills always encapsulated me because of the way the story sucked me in, something Destructoid takes offense to with this Arcade version. But at least Konami aren’t pretending to offer something it isn’t with The Arcade, like on-rails full-price retail games such as Capcom’s Umbrella Chronicles. They’ve produced what looks like a fun shooter with recognisable, iconic characters and Silent Hill staples (read: walls melting, big fans, nurses with big tits).

Some argue that the Silent Hill story has been getting progressively weaker since the original trilogy. From my point of view, any different direction that can be taken to freshen up the series has to be a good thing. Come on Konami, PSN that sucker??

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