How to Make a Great TMNT Game

When dressing up the NAGF console centre the other day, we noticed a correlation – quite a lot of the consoles in our possession had a TMNT game associated with it. And some darn good ones at that! Sadly though the 360 and PS3 blotted their copybook somewhat with the terrible Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, which is why we’re delighted to announce that you’ll never see it mentioned again for the duration of this article.

So what makes a great TMNT game? Well, we’ve plugged them all in again and played them all to death, picking out the ingredients we think are needed to create the perfect TMNT game. Cowabunga and all that shite!

Shameless fan service

The Turtles franchise conquered the world at the height of its powers and generated an 80s/90s fan-base that is still incredibly vocal today. That in part is down to the aggressive marketing strategies of the bods behind the brand – video games were no exception. The appeal of the early entries across various consoles was that they allowed you to fight against everything you had seen coming out of Dimension X on the show. Our favourite bit of fan service? Racing through the sewers in Turtles in Time battling the Rat King – awesome!

Frantic multiplayer action

There are four turtles, right?? Phew! That makes it so much easier for developers to come up with ideas when planning a TMNT game. Everyone has their favourite turtle (mine was the unappreciated Donatello) so multiplayer is really a no-brainer. But when done right, it makes for a fantastic experience with friends that simply can’t be beat! Turtles in Time is again an obvious example, but for pure unadulterated thrills, we point you towards the immense arcade version:

Brilliant boss battles

Every TMNT game has at least one memorable boss battle. Some of the earlier entries have more than one – a lot of kudos have to go to development teams throughout the years who have fully researched the Turtles’ cast of villains and given them a semblance of character and personality. Karai for instance in Tournament Fighters. As a kid, that was one name we’d never heard of – surely it was just someone new and cheap for Konami to shoehorn in? We learned our lesson as we grew up and look back fondly on the care put into the likes of Karai, showing that, when it came to Turtles source material, those handling it had nothing but respect.

Magnificent music

Listen to this from one of the old GameBoy releases – nuff said! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always had a marvellous musical library, but the games did nothing short of expanding on it, entry after entry. We like this one most though because it helped us to escape from long, boring journeys in the car when we were youngsters.