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Top 5 Best PSN Games

A relatively new phenomenon, PlayStation Network has become one of Sony’s main selling point for its convenience and collection of high-quality titles for gamers to choose from.Many of these titles are independent, with only a small team working on its development, but as this niche evolves, we are seeing higher quality games making their way onto the network.


Let’s start with the big one: Journey. This game received more awards than the developer who created the title has employees. Immediately lauded for its atmosphere and beauty, Journey is a game of discovery, allowing players to traverse a visually arresting desert landscape filled with mystery and life that is yours for the taking. Join up with another player, or just lose yourself in the artistic environment for hours at a time. Journey fogo’s the handholding that has become commonplace in gaming and offers users the opportunity to create their own experience, and follow their preferred path, as opposed to one outlined by the makers. This is a truly liberating feeling and makes Journey a standout not only inside PSN, but within the game space as a whole.



Next up is the genius title, Guacamelee. An action-packed side-scrolling platformer starring an unlucky Mexican agave farmer-turned heroic luchadore named Juan Aquacate, Guacamelee is a title that is bursting with personality. Taking inspiration from the eternally interesting Mexican culture, this game is a tour-de-force of classic Latin American art and narrative. Swapping between the Living World and the Dead World, our hero must rescue the object of his affection by taking down countless waves of enemies while using his luchador skills to traverse the colourful and aesthetically pleasing landscape.


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