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Top 5 Best DS Games

The DS is almost universally lauded by its user base. A handheld, it caters to younger gamers and relies less on visual and technological prowess in exchange for a focus on simple yet immersive fun.

As the shooters and modern games of today become browner and more formulaic, the DS is the playground of imaginative gamers who just want to be entertained with bright colors and innovative gameplay.  Year in, and year out, the Nintendo DS accomplishes this goal by releasing a huge number of fantastically fun titles.


The first DS game on the list is a title that would not seem to work on a handheld, but succeeds in every aspect. That game is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. A series known for huge open worlds that require some serious tech to generate, Chinatown Wars goes back to the GTA origin story and switch to the top-down perspective that helped make it a household name. The cel-shaded animations are gorgeous and produce an effect similar to that of a shiny new comic book, giving Liberty City a beautiful sheen that makes the experience a delight to behold. It is almost expected that Rockstar brings the heat in the gameplay department, and GTA:CW is no exception, giving players a highly-polished, eternally playable product that offers hours of entertainment.




Advance Wars: Dual Strike is the lone strategy title on the list, with the player assuming the role of an army General pitted against an enemy force. You must either destroy all of the enemies units, or capture the all-important HQ. The turn-based gameplay is a perfect fit for the DS, using the dual screens masterfully, bringing both a macro and micro view to the action that no other system is capable of.


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