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A Glance at PS Vita Launch Games

The PS Vita is the latest handheld gaming offering from Sony. While the big ‘home consoles’ seem to have stagnated somewhat (we are well overdue the release of a new Xbox or PlayStation) this is the second new entry into the handheld gaming market in the last 12 months hot on the heels of the Nintendo 3DS. The question is, how will PS Vita fare?

On the surface of it, the PS Vita is a much more powerful device than the 3DS with graphics that would look at home on a PS2 and with one of the most gorgeous HD screens this side of iPhone’s retina display. However as history has shown us before, it doesn’t really come down to the specs so much as it does the games. The best indicator of the PS Vita’s success will be its games. So how does it fare at launch?

The good news of Sony fans is that it fares rather well indeed, and has a much more diverse and heavy hitting array of games at launch than the 3DS had. But are they any good? Here are a few highlights for you to check out.

Rayman Origins:

Rayman Origins is a gorgeous 2D platformer that is a great showcase for the impressive PS Vita screen. While you might question whether your expensive new PS Vita is best showcased by a 2D game, you should wait until you see how detailed the hand-drawn levels are, and how vibrant the colors are. It’s literally like playing a comic book, and the gameplay is also top notch with accessible old-fashioned sensibilities with great modern twists. Epic, fun, nostalgic and beautiful.


WipEout 2048:

If you wanted some fast 3D graphics to show off instead though, then this is the game for you. As well as excellent graphics though, the game also features familiar high-octane gameplay and is filled with content to keep you going. Along with Tomb Raider the original WipEout helped to make the PsOne into the success it became, so it’s fitting that the PS Vita get its own WipEout at launch.


Ridge Racer:

Oh dear. It seemed fair to include a stinker on this list of PS Vita games just to prove that it can be done despite the wonderful hardware. Ridge Racer is perfectly passable in terms of graphics, control and everything else you expect from a racer… except for content. It seems that the developers had a very very short development cycle as all you actually get here is the option to race around a measly four tracks over a WiFi connection. There are demos with more to offer.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss:

The PS3 games are renowned for their epic scale, incredible graphics and swashbuckling sense of adventure. The good news is that all these things are present and correct on the PS Vita providing you with one of the most in-depth and satisfying handheld gaming experiences ever.


Escape Plan:

While the puzzles and gameplay don’t quite live up to the initial promise, the fantastic art direction and indie-feel largely make up for it.



Electronic Symphony: Every handheld console needs an un-put-downable puzzle game at launch and thankfully Lumines is just that game – with nice glowy effects.


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