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3 Worst Gaming Systems EVER, & One to Consider

Gaming systems have been around since the early 80s. Since then there have been many successful systems like Nintendo, Atari, Sega and Sony – and a few unsuccessful systems that any gamer would be embarrassed to admit they had played.

Sometimes gamers can get so caught up in the latest video gaming systems that they forget about how truly bad some of the systems have been. Here’s a look at some of the worst systems ever produced for the gaming market – and one system any gamer should consider purchasing.

Worst Gaming System: Mattel Hyperscan, Combining Collectible Gaming Cards with Gaming

When video games first hit the market there seemed to be a connection between avid video gamers and collectible gaming card games. This connection inspired Mattel to create a gaming system that combined the two hobbies.

The Mattel Hyperscan allowed players to play games and purchase gaming cards that could be scanned to add items and characters to the game, Hyperscan failed miserably due to the lack of games available and to the poor construction of the system – it seemed to break in the slightest breeze-even though the idea itself wasn’t so bad.

Worst Gaming System: Phillips CD-i Interactive VHS/DVD Games

Think about those interactive DVDs that are on the market today. The Phillips CD-i was a gaming system that was very similar to those DVDs but it utilized the old school VHS player. The choppy graphics, limited game title availability and the predictable nature of the Phillips CD-i caused it to land hard and become known as one of the worst gaming systems of all time.

Worst Gaming System: Apple Pippin – Too Advanced for Its Time

Some gaming systems failed, not because they were bad or unplayable, but because they were just simply a product that was too advanced for gamers at the time. The Apple Pippin is a prime example of this. It combined all the popular features that gaming systems have today; processing power, Internet connectivity and the ability to both watch movies and play video games.

However, it came out at a time when gamers just weren’t ready to accept such a jump in technology. The slow processor speed and lack of available Internet connection points away from home landed this system on the worst list.

Recommended Gaming System: The PS3 Combines All Gaming Features

While many people believe that no system can compare to the new gaming laptops, if you’re looking for some excellent game play that is top of the line, then consider trying the PS3.

Gaming systems now offer far more than anyone would have thought possible in the 80s. Almost every popular system available today offers fast processing speed, a large library of games to play and amazing graphics. However, it never hurts to be reminded of just how far gaming systems have come over the years and these worst gaming systems are proof of the real progress the gaming world has seen.

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