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Why So Serious? A Follow-up to Panorama’s ‘Addicted to Games?’

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Panorama can’t keep themselves out of the headlines lately, but that’s their job, we suppose. Tonight the BBC investigative journalism programme had a pop at gaming. We sat and watched it, and though they raised some interesting points, it was, in true Panorama style, constantly on the attack. Aggressive and unrelenting in its tone.

We realise that everyone and their nan will have an opinion on this. But what many may not realise is that there’s a wealth of positive documentaries out there, celebrating the world of gaming. So we thought ‘bollocks to the BBC’. Here’s our favourite gaming documentaries on the net today:

4. E-Athletes

Possibly one of the greatest gaming rivalries of all time. Team Complexity and Team EG were the American dream of E-sports. This documentary follows them to China and other gaming events, giving an insight into the lives behind the gamer tags and the managers who brought the teams together.

This film is out there if you want to find it. The ability to support the makers has gone as the site appears to be down at time of writing.

3. Frag Movie

Truly sensationalist but also truly brilliant. An insight into the underground professional gaming scene and the extent gamers will go to reach the top. To this day pro gamers are still screwed over by their sponsors and kids as young as 16 years old have been stranded in foreign countries due to people not keeping their end of the deal. It features who we consider to be one of the most successful gamers of all time, Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel.`

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2. I Got Next(Short Cut)

I Got Next is the only free documentary on this list and one of the best. Created by Ian Cofino, It follows the the culture surrounding fighting video games, specifically the Street fighter series. It’s much more low budget than all the others, but the sheer passion and excitement you draw from just watching is why it’s one of the greats. Watch it, and we reckon you’ll be itching to fork out £100 for a fighting stick.

Available from :

1. King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

King of Kong is the most well known of our four documentaries. It follows the competitive gaming world of arcades. Viewers are plunged deep into the depths of the arcade world escorted by lovable, dedicated protagonist Steve Weibe. As we learn to love Steve we also learn to loathe the comically arrogant Billy Mitchell. The whole thing pulls at the heart strings, and had us rooting for Steve throughout. This is a film that is accessible to all – not just gamers – and is why we’re proud to crown it as our top gaming documentary.

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