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Best Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii was a runaway success that very few could have anticipated. Using motion technology, Nintendo was able to capture the imaginations of millions around the world, and in doing so, outselling both the Xbox 360 and PS3 quite handily. Many point to the Wii being a “novelty” without a great deal of high-quality core games, but there is ... Read More »

Best PC Games 2012


PC gaming has been going through a renaissance of sorts over the past few years, clawing back the market share it lost to consoles in the last decade by offering a level of technology that is simply unattainable on the Xbox or Playstation. Granted, you need a nice computer to see these differences, but for those who have decent rigs, ... Read More »

Top 5 Best DS Games


The DS is almost universally lauded by its user base. A handheld, it caters to younger gamers and relies less on visual and technological prowess in exchange for a focus on simple yet immersive fun. As the shooters and modern games of today become browner and more formulaic, the DS is the playground of imaginative gamers who just want to ... Read More »

Top 5 Best PC Strategy Games


The strategy game is in a strange place at the moment. Highly demanding of the computers that power these games, developers understand that high development costs sometimes cannot justify the limited base of fans that can actually play these complex titles. This has reduced the number of strategy games in development to a handful, but that does not mean we ... Read More »

Top 5 Best PSN Games


A relatively new phenomenon, PlayStation Network has become one of Sony’s main selling point for its convenience and collection of high-quality titles for gamers to choose from.Many of these titles are independent, with only a small team working on its development, but as this niche evolves, we are seeing higher quality games making their way onto the network. 1 Let’s ... Read More »

A Retrospective Look At The Best PC Games Of All Time


Asking what the best PC games are is a tall order to say the least. PC gaming is an institution and has so many great titles to choose from. Picking the best of these is somewhat futile, because everyone has their own opinion, but there are some games that are synonymous with the rise of the PC, and those are ... Read More »

Best Game Soundtracks


Video games never seem to get the respect they deserve. A quintessential art form, gaming is an audio-visual feast of visceral creativity. Those who don’t see games as art, need to look closer, because there is so much to see. But sometimes you don’t even need to look to understand the artistry involved in creating a great piece of interactive ... Read More »

Superhot makes it’s way to Steam Greenlight


So Over the weekend we stumbled across this little fps web based game. It takes the bullet time genre and fps genre and spins it on it’s head. It’s probably the most elegant ways of killing people I’ve experience. Slipping through time and hitting that headshot in the stylistic manner of the games engine is incredibly satisfying. It’s gained some ... Read More »

Watch Dogs 14 Minutes Gameplay Demo


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Hilarious Killzone Fan Movie


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PS4 To Support Only 4 Controllers At Once


Shuhei Yoshida is President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony and on Monday he revealed there will be the ability for 4 controllers only to be connected to the PS4   Let us know your thoughts Read More »

Best Xbox 360 Games


The first Xbox was Microsoft’s debut foray into the console space, but the Xbox 360 established them as the top dog. Focused less on exclusives and first party titles, MS was looking to publish the highest possible quality of games they could, and considering the sales and reception of the standouts, the strategy was a huge success. No Xbox “best ... Read More »